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Las Vegas Desert Dogs

The Desert Dog represents all that Las Vegas Lacrosse embodies – scrappy and cunning, friendly but fierce, and powerful alone but unstoppable as a pack. Desert Dogs Lacrosse moves fast and innovates quickly. We operate with a pack mentality, which means we look after our own -- especially our community here in Las Vegas.


  • The Desert Dog represents humility, hard work, team orientation, and loyalty
  • Sharp lines exude our scrappiness, aggression and fierceness
  • Sleek nature of the dog and the font represent the forward-thinking and tech-oriented vibe and energy of Las Vegas and our team
  • The “LV” on the forehead is our badge of honor for the city we call home
  • Black & white color scheme resembles the desert night – when the Desert Dogs roam free and command the respect of their domain
Las Vegas Desert Dogs Logo NLL - National Lacrosse League

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